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Good morning future clients!

Seeing as this is my first post for my blog, I found it fitting to make it an introduction. I strongly believe getting to know your photographer is HUGE when you're making an investment like this.

Have you ever paid for a service, hoping to leave feeling great, only to be disappointed because the person providing the service didn't really mesh with you? I know I have. Anyone who has interacted with customers will tell you that customer service is vital in making repeat customers.

My name is Brenna Madison and I am a Indianapolis-based photographer. I love to shoot special moments in the lives of my clients because I know first-hand how cherished a photograph can be. There is something that is heart-warming and soul-stirring about capturing a special moment on camera and being able to look at it over and over again.

An unsolicited kiss from big sister

I captured this. This is one of my first in an extremely long line of photos of my girls, but this picture in particular means so much to me. When I look at this image I'm reminded of how much my daughter loved her sister. I'm reminded of the first few months as a family of four and all of the emotions that it brings.

A Grandparent's Love

When I see this image I'm reminded of the pure joy a child feels for their grandparent. How something as simple as 15 minutes of swing-time can mean to them. It's a memory I look back on often.

A Father's Love

And especially this. How can you not see an image of your spouse holding your baby and not get all the emotions of that moment over again?

Photography is powerful, people. There is value in it. We call it an investment because it is an investment. Having these images with you can keep a memory alive.

My goal as your photographer is to capture those memories in the making. In doing so, I'm providing you with a lasting portrait that you can look back on and feel just as I do when looking at these images.

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